Fall by ctta featuring a pleated mini skirtPullover shirt / Cutie green trench coat / Sofie D hoore / Pleated mini skirt, $24 / Aéropostale foldover combat boots / Fat Face handbag, $110 / Kate Spade magnetic jewelry / The North Face hat / Cotton infinity scarve



this is like when you’re sitting with someone that you really like then you like touch knees or something and all of a sudden you feel all this energy going through both of you through this one point of contact
this gif is kinda like that

This will forever be my favorite gif

oh god i can’t handle the colors chosen for this

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holy omg WANT

corner by blurtingsandfurtherwisdoms on Flickr.
I want to tell you what I’m feeling, but I don’t know where to start, I want to tell you everything, but I’m afraid you’ll break my heart, why would something so easy be so hard to do? When all I got to do is say Ilove you!

mrclever17-deactivated20140323 said: You're pretty;)

Well, thank you ^^

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